Recent cancer statistics reveal that for most patients cancer is a chronic disease. Nevertheless many patients live with cancer for decades.
 In the US as of January 2008, the number of cancer survivors is estimated at 11.9 million
Survivors is a misnomer, since these patients live with cancer  for decades.  I described it in breast cancer, yet it applies also to other adult chronic cancers e.g., colon and prostate.
In order to live with cancer that long, cancer cannot advance all the time.  Most of the time cancer remains dormant.

Recently I learned that  Jewish meditation is extremely efficient for inducing cancer dormancy.
Before explaining its merit, I shall discuss first:
1. Mind and  Wisdom of the Body (WOB)
2. Activation of  biochemical-physical processes with imagination.
3. Jewish meditation
The presentation introduces the book by Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan 
Jewish Meditation, a practical guide.
1985 Schoken Books Inc