How to slow down progression of Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

ALS is an interaction between patient and its ailment  and since I believe that ALS results from a chronic virus infection. ALS is an interaction between organism and virus. , it is an interaction between two processes: Driver (virus) and  Host resistance

Four processes are involved in ALS:  1. Virus 2. Disuse atrophy. 3. CNS neuroplasticity. 4. Remodelling of the organism.

The atom , or elementary ALS unit consists of a neuron and  its muscle fiber. ALS is a pathology of this entire  unit. This is the Atom of the system. It is functionally indivisible. ALS is a pathology of this entire  unit. Both components of this unit interact and it responds as a whole. CNS controls muscle metabolism and muscle controls neuroplasticity.

Neuroplasticity is generated by a demand. Such a  demand is initiated  by exercise which creates new muscle units (hyperplasia). Since each muscle fibre has to be innervated, exercise creates a demand for new neurons which is the essence for neuroplasticity. When virus destroys a function, a proper training creates a neuroplastic response to restore the loss by other nerve cells.

Muscle exercise is an effective  way to slow down ALS progression.