How to protect Astronauts from Cosmic Rays

Cosmic rays are high energetic particles, travelling from outer space at nearly the speed of light .Cosmic rays are extremely  dangerous to our health. They destroy tissues, accelerate aging and initiate cancer. Atmosphere protects us from them. Astronauts planning to visit planet  Mars  will be exposed to this deadly radiation and may never reach Mars.

Nevertheless they may be protected. Here I describe experiments showing how to protect mice from cosmic rays. 

In the sixties of the previous century Argonne National Laboratory conducted experiments to examine how dangerous radiation Mice were exposed all their lives to a background gamma ray radiation, The longer they lived the greater their chance to die a natural (non-irradiated) death. In other words, not all mice in this study were killed by gamma rays. These mice might reach Mars. What is their secret?

The mouse in the gamma room continually learns how to optimize itself in hazardous environment. It gains a new insight which gamma rays bring about (trigger). This creativity is manifested by another biological phenomenon called hormesis. Hormesis is a biphasic dose-response phenomenon characterized by a low-dose stimulation and a high-dose inhibition.

The  gamma exposure room of Argonne National Lab  might regard it as a mice training facility to cope with caesium

radiation. Outcome depends on perturbation intensity and training time. Mice which died natural death  without radiation damage accumulated enough hormesis to reach planet Mars.