How to prolong  remission of Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis (MS)  is a chronic viral infection of Schwann cells and oligodendrocytes. I intend here to outline its pathogenesis highlighting the role of organism in MS. It  oscillates between two states: Relapse and remission. Hey are driven by the virus.

Viral damage weakens the  extremity. Patient avoids using it. Muscle fibers  innervated by healthy  neurons  shrink (atrophy) and so does the precentral gyrus.

MS patient suffers from two damaging processes: 1. Virus 2. Disuse atrophy.
Medicine generally ignores the  threat of atrophy because MS is regarded solely as a Schwann cell disease. While in reality MS is an interaction between organism and  virus. Once you realize that MS is an interaction between organism and virus, you will  wonder, what the underlying physiological function which induces remission?  Suppose that we unraveled  her secret how to induce remission, we might train her to induce it better and better and maintain remission forever. By this we might cure MS without even knowing its cause.

Complementary alternative medicine (CAM) provides efficient methods for inducing remission, e.g., meditation, hypnosis, healing and reiki.

When a patient contracts MS she ought to be told that she got a chronic condition. She has to learn how to live with MS in peace which requires training.
1. Activity in order to strengthen weakened muscles, and prevent disuse atrophy.
2. Induction and prolongation of remission, with methods like guided meditation, or reiki.

MS treatment involves training with methods practiced by complementary alternative medicine (CAM) ignored by medicine.