How to overcome Cancer resistance to therapy txt

Resistance to treatment is a hallmark of cancer. It is a cancer biomarker that distinguishes between  cancer and non cancer. In other words, if a tumor responds to treatment, it is not  cancer !

Cancer resists treatment, since it is wrong, and based on false premises. 
The organism opposes any drug treatment with three mechanisms.
1. Enhancement of drug elimination.
2. Process amplification: Rising throughput, and rising efficiency
3. Redundancy: Creating more processes of the same kind. Or, mobilizing processes with a similar function like  the process affected by drug therapy.

Since cancer is a chronic disease. treatment objective is to enable patient to live a normal live with cancer.  To carry a tumor and feel healthy. Since cancer continually progresses the aim is to:

1. Slow cancer progression rate
2. Slow cancer resistance rate.

Treat only when tumor causes suffering and impinges on vital functions