How to overcome Insulin resistance in Diabetes mellitus txt

Aristotle said: Nature does nothing in vain. Which applies also to the organism. Every so called disorder has a purpose. Here I explain what is the purpose of Diabetes and insulin resistance?

Brain function depends on an adequte supply of glucose and oxygen. When  supply of both declines, brain loses conscousness. I shall therefore describe the control of glucose and oxygen.

The brain consumes about one-fifth of total body oxygen utilization.It is metabolically one of the most active of all organs in the body. Blood sugar and insulin are controled at two levels:
1. Lower level: Endocrine control.
2. Upper level:  CNS control.

CNS control of oxygen and glucose is coupled . While lower level control is influenced by all organs of the body (multiparameter control). Upper level control is single parameter control with one purpose: To maintain consciousness.

I regard diabetes mellitus as an ongoing change of CNS control of glucose and oxygen. I shall call it an ongoing CNS craving for sugar. .  Sugar throughput is proportional to the sugar gradient between blood and brain. In order to meet the rising metabolic demand for sugar CNS continually raises blood sugar gradient (level). “Above all protect the brain!” directs the evolution of diabetes.

From the perspective of the diabetic organism medical normoglycemia is a hypoglycemia. Treatment of diabetes requires a new kind of therapy,called training. The organism can be trained to slow diabetes progression.

Diabetes is driven by a rising glucose craving by the brain. The purpose of rising blood sugar and insulin resistance is to supply the brain with enough glucose in order to maintain consciousness.