Hormones do not cause breast cancer

Medicine and particularly oncology spread the false  notion that sex hormones cause cancer, which is wrong. The role of sex hormones in breast cancer was thoroughly examined last century. Most of these studies are generally ignored particularly when treating breast cancer.

Breast  gland unit:Its cells are progeny of one stem cell. Cancer starts when a stem cell is transformed into a neoplastic stem cell, known also as clonogenic stem cell. Its progeny  are tumor cells.

Neoplasia is driven by two processes:  
1. Maturation arrest and  2. Rising cell proliferation. Tissues units are phenotypes of their stem cell genotypes.. Cancer is a stem cell disease.

Stem cells of the organism consist of a genotype network  from which tissue phenotypes differentiate (emerge). We may distinguish between two kinds of differentiation:
1. Global differentiation of  stem cell genotype network, which  originated in the zygote.
2. Local differentiation of tissue units, that originate in the unit stem cell.

Number of  tissue unit types  = number of stem cell types
Number of cancer types         =number of stem cell types

Two stage carcinogensis is explained.
Estrogen is a promoter, and not a carcinogen.
Aromasin initiates an estrogen deficiency disease.
Prostate cancer threatment with anti-androgens, initiates androgen deficiency disease.