Hormone deprivation  for prostate cancer is dangerous. Avoid it

There is a common misunderstanding  on the role of hormones in  cancer. Here are some simple rules.
1. Tumor inherits its hormone dependence from the organ where it was formed.  Like breast tumor responds to breast hormones like estrogen.
2. Hormones are not carcinogens and do not initiate cancer. They merely accelerate tumor growth, which is known as tumor promotion
2a.Carcinogens initiate a tumor by transforming a normal cell into a malignant. Hormones do not transform cells. They merely promote the growth of transformed cells.
2b. Hormone depletion does not cure cancer. It retards tumor growth and may induce tumor dormancy.
3. As cancer progresses, tumor dependency on hormones declines
3a. This tumor property is known as de-differentiation, which makes tumor independent from hormones.

Anti-hormones do not cure cancer, but they may induce tumor dormancy.
Unfortunately oncology ignores these rules.
Many healthy men carry dormant tumors in their prostates

Current treatments, like androgen deprivation, radiation and surgery do not cure cancer. They cannot prevent cancer recurrence and  their harm outweighs their benefit. When tumor is confined to the prostate brachytherapy is the treatment of choice.
Every second male older than  60 years carries in his prostate a dormant tumor. How did he do it and  what is his secret? This capability exists in every male even if he got clinical cancer.

It is our duty to harness it during therapy.