Fifteen percent of women with breast cancer die from chemotherapy

An important study by the Early Breast Cancer Trialists’ Collaborative Group (EBCTCG), provides important information on the biology of breast cancer. More than 50% of  women with breast cancer have a chronic disuse. Apparently these epidemiologists were not concerned with this fact, and don’t mention it. It remains for me to show how to derive it from their figures.

The study shows that by year 15, 45% of women in the control group had recurrent tumors and  an incurable cancer.

At the time of diagnosis a woman has at least a  probability of 45% that her cancer is an incurable chronic  disease.
In older women poly-chemotherapy barely slowed tumor growth and did not reduce  mortality.

Chemotherapy is a poison!  While young women detoxify chemotherapy  old women succumb to it Cumulative mortality due to chemotherapy is 15%.

These statistics call for an immediate re-evaluation of cancer therapy.
1. Breast cancer is an incurable chronic disease (at least in 40% of women)
2. Chemotherapy slows tumor growth, and so induces tumor dormancy. It does not eliminate the tumor and does not cure cancer.
3. Chemotherapy is poisonous and should be given only to induce  tumor dormancy.
4. Treatment objective is to induce tumor dormancy with a minimal dose of chemotherapy.