Evolution of the Wisdom of the Body

What is life and what keeps me alive? Two vital questions which medicine loves to evade.  It pretends that it  understands what keeps you alive. In reality it bluffs.

Two realms operate in my body.
One, which I call Mind , includes all that I am conscious of in myself  e.g. awareness  of myself, my feelings,  thoughts, and my will.
The other  realm called Wisdom of the Body (WOB), is non-conscious. It includes all processes in my body which I am not aware of.

Mind stands for my consciousness. Wisdom of the Body (WOB)  stands for my non-conscious
WOB has two properties: 1. It is extremely complex. 2. It is optimal.

I explain here what is optimality and how it evolved.
WOB is prefigured throughout organic existence.  It is an attribute of all life entities, and evolved form a proto-WOB of a single cell organism to our WOB which exists  concealed in our non-conscious.

There are two kinds of conditioning:
1. Mind conditioning  or suggestion
2. WOB conditioning