Derivation of survival from tumor growth

Cancer starts when a normal cell becomes malignant and a tumor is born. This drawing depicts two processes : Clinic cancer and tumor progression which is described by the Gompertz function.

Obviously tumor determines the fate of the patient. We may therefore ask what is the relationship  between tumor growth and patient survival? Or more generally how does tumor growth shape epidemiological functions? After all tumor growth is their common denominator. Epidemiology does not forward any explanation about the tumor-survival relationship.

In another presentation I introduced the Mathematica CDF player with which it is possible to study the relationship between tumor growth and survival. The following program was developed with Mathematica. I provide a formula with which  it is possible to derive survival from tumor growth.

Whenever a survival function levels off, host resistance rises and hazard rate declines. This applies also to cumulative curves.

Medicine promotes two fatalistic cancer theories.1. Mutated genes drive the tumor. 2. Fittest tumor clones hasten to kill you in a Darwinian fashion. Once you get cancer, tumor encroaches upon you to kill you as soon as possible. Since you can’t resist it only medicine may save you. None of these theories can explain the nature of the up concavity which refutes their basic premises.

The message of up concavity is that you can control your tumor. By inducing dormancy and prolonging it.  I describe it in my presentations on the Wisdom of the Body.

Cancer is an interaction between organism and tumor. Organism  controls tumor by inducing it dormancy. Organism means you, and you may control your tumor and live with it in peace.