On the correct treatment of cancer

New epidemiological data indicate that cancer treatment is inadequate since based on false directives which were defined last century. The time has come to reevaluate our basic premises  about cancer an define treatment accordingly.
The basic premises are that cancer is  curable provided it is treated early using a maximal (aggressive) tolerable therapy.  Recent statistics which I describe in other presentations show that for most women breast cancer is an incurable chronic disease with prolonged periods of dormancy.

According to recent statistics  many breast cancer patient live decades with an incurable tumor. Most of the time it is dormant and they feel healthy.
According to the current dogma there nothing in cancer except the tumor. Cancer and tumor are synonyms. Tumor evolves in a Darwinian fashion. Yet this description of cancer does not explain why survival is concave up, and tumor recurrence levels off. Dogma has to be reformulated so as to account for these phenomena. They are manifestations of host resistance. Cancer is an interaction between host and tumor.

It is impossible to treat women with chemotherapy for 15 years . All drugs have grave side effects which accumulate with time. With time drugs lose their efficacy, which is known as cancer resistance. On the other hand host resistance rises with time and prognosis improves.

The name of the game is to induce and prolong tumor dormancy which may be achieved with small drug doses.

Cancer is more than just a tumor. It is a triad which consists of Tumor, Paraneoplasia (neuro-endocrine changes) and  Cachexia  (weight loss ending in body wasting. Tumor cure does not cure cachexia  and therefore cancer is generally incurable. Nevertheless it is possible to live with cancer many years and feel healthy exactly as in the incurable diabetes mellitus.