Clinical trials are unhealthy. avoid them!

Listen to a story about a woman called Eve which I met in the SEER data base At the age of 35y she got breast cancer and died at the age of 65y. She represents an average or typical white woman in a group of about 30,000. Treatment at diagnosis left behind some invisible tumor remnants which recurred later. Once tumor awakes (recurs) cancer is incurable, and none of these drugs prolongs survival . With time treatment becomes less and less effective which is known as cancer resistance and medicine has nothing more to offer.

When treatment fails they invite the patient to participate in a clinical trial which they say might cure her. Yet this promise is treacherous and false. You may convince yourself by reading the publication by the National Cancer Institute, which I discuss.

Phase 0: They test on you an agent which they don’t know whether it helps or poison you.
Phase 1: They treat you with an unknown substance and your organism is supposed to provide the information about its nature.
Phase 2: They treat you with a substance to test whether it is more effective or than the drug that you were treated with.
Phase 3: A flip of a coin will determine whether you will be treated by the new drug.

Medicine has adopted two ethical codes:

Traditional ethics that direct the conduct of the physician with his patient, and
Academic ethics, that promote human experimentation
Clinical trials are scientifically flawed, and unethical. Above all they promote suffering and even misery, since they endorse toxic drugs. It therefore is our duty to warn Eve:

Clinical trials are dangerous. Avoid them!