Cancer dormancy in old age

A recent publication on the relationship between aging and cancer illustrates  the current confusion in medicine when dealing with this issue. With advancing age cancer rate levels off and even declines.

Age specific incidence rate of breast cancer in advanced age declines.
Tumor growth is the common denominator of all epidemiological functions. With age or with time tumor growth rate declines and tumor grows slower. Most of the time tumor is dormant.

In Sakr’s study, about 60%  of  60y old males have asymptomatic prostate cancer. Since in the general population prostate cancer incidence is much lower, obviously most cancers do not progress. They are dormant.
These statistics show that cancer treatment in old age requires a gentle therapy or even watchful waiting.

Tumor growth is the common denominator of epidemiological functions. Tumor dormancy shapes epidemiological functions. Whenever a curve levels off dormancy duration elongates