Brain drives diabetes and hypertension

Diabetes mellitus and essential hypertension have hitherto been regarded as two distinct diseases. Recent studies indicate that they are associated. High blood pressure is reported in over two-thirds of patients with type 2 diabetes, and its development coincides with the development of hyperglycemia.

Blood pressure and glucose are controlled each, by different hormones. Their association points to the existence of an additional control which determines their joined behavior. I show now that CNS controls both and accounts for their association.

Homeostasis is an equilibrium of all processes in the body. It is not controlled by a central agency but from the interaction of all processes in the body. All along their progression diabetes and essential hypertension interact with all processes in the body and therefore maintain homeostasis. Since maintaining homeostasis they are controlled by the organism.

Brain function depends on an adequte supply of glucose and oxygen. I regard diabetes mellitus as an ongoing change of CNS control of glucose and oxygen. I shall call it an ongoing CNS craving for sugar.

Medicine regards diabetes as an ongoing worsening of hyperglycemia.
Organism regards it as an ongoing adjustment of normoglycemia.

Which applies also to essential hypertension.
“Above all protect the brain!” directs the evolution of both.