Autism and Wisdom of the Body (WOB)
The philosopher  Georges Canguilhem. ”Disease reveals normal functions to us at the precise moment when it deprives us of their exercise." In this presentation I ask: What are then the  normal physiological  functions which Autism  deprives us of their exercise?

Two entities operate in our body: The conscious, and the non-conscious.
Mind is all that I am aware of in me. Like my thoughts feelings and will.
Wisdom of the Body (WOB) is all in me which I am not conscious off.

They are two continually updating memories.
Mind: Short term memory which integrates the now experience into an image.
Long term memory stores images of the past Both are serial  memories
WOB  memory  is parallel. It is embedded in WOB  processes.

Mind and WOB are separated by a one way filter called Verge. It lets mind images into WOB and inhibits any message from WOB to mind.  After all WOB is non-conscious.
We think in images that are communicated to WOB.

Autism results from a damage of the Verge. WOB signals flood signals flood consciousness.

Autistic manifestations are protective measures against consciousness flooding with WOB signals.