Aromatase inhibitors cause a grave estrogen deficiency disease and ought to be avoided

Aromatase inhibitors are adjuvants which cause a grave endocrine deficiency disease. They neither cure cancer nor prolong survival. If so why are the prescribed?  Since the treatment objective of oncology is false. Oncology recommends these drugs since they improve Disease Free Survival (DFS). Yet the price is a medically caused disease.

Breast irradiation is also an adjuvant. Yet while irradiation is dangerous to your health, clinical trials do not measure it. At best they talk about toxicities, which are actually medically induced (iatrogenic)  diseases.

Estrogen promotes tumor growth, and anti-estrogen retards it. There are two kinds of anti-promoters: 1. Tamoxifen: Estrogen receptor antagonist.
2. Exemestane (Aromasin): Aromatase inhibitor.

While tamoxifen antagonizes local estrogen receptors, aromasin treatment causes an estrogen deficiency disease which affects many functions of the organism, and is manifested by bad side effects.

Aromatase inhibitors  should therefore be forbidden. You may treat a woman with estrogen receptors  with tamoxifen, yet when it fails do not switch to aromasin.Continue with chemotherapy. Generally when a tumor recurs even tamoxifen is of no avail. It  should not be  prescribed to a patient with recurrent disease.