Aging accelerates tumor growth

Tumor progression is described by the Gompertz function.
This is the fourth presentation applying the Gompertz function to tumor growth. I recommend that you listen first to the other three. In its present form  Gompertz function describes the interaction between  a healthy non-aging host and a tumor. Now I shall describe with the same function how aging affects tumor growth.

What does all this mean?
1. All processes in the body interact.
2. They control each other.
3. This mutual control is known as Homeostasis.
4. The set of all processes I call  Wisdom of the Body (WOB) . It is the process set and it control.
5.  Tumor is a member of this process set. Its behavior is determined by the entire set.

Medicine regards tumor as an isolated phenomenon and ignores  other processes which are called here host resistance.Medicine regards tumor and cancer as synonyms, while cancer is an interaction between tumor and host. Medicine claims that tumor-cancer is caused mutated genes, which is false. Gene is a process that interacts with the entire process set.

This mathematical exercise was intended  to illustrate  the immense complexity of our organism. Medicine  has not a slightest idea how to handle it and its treatments are not optimal.